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Red Cross News
An Internet 'Big V' Opts for Abject Contrition
China released Charles Xue, an American businessman highly visible on Chinese microblogs who was det... [continue]

Buddhist Volunteers Aiding Anxious Families in Beijing
As relatives in Beijing await news from the missing Malaysian Airlines jetliner, volunteers from the... [continue]

Elias Ghanem
... [continue]

The Message From Homs
A temporary truce in Syria offers little relief to its civilians from the appalling damage of the ci... [continue]

Sudan Tells Red Cross to Halt Work
The government determined that the group, which helps more than a million people in Sudan, had not f... [continue]

Violence in Central African Republic?s Capital Alarms Red Cross
Attacks in Bangui have reached “unprecedented levels” with at least 30 people killed in ... [continue]

Typhoon Haiyan Through the Lens of China's 2008 Quake
The Philippine typhoon took far fewer lives than the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China, but the magni... [continue]

Relief Proceeds Slowly in Philippines, Where a Death Toll Remains Unclear

No Quick Fixes for China's Overwhelmed Organ Transplant System
China has vowed to end its reliance on executions for transplant organs, but public distrust has slo... [continue]

US News
Oregon Panel Recommends Switch to Federal Health Exchange
Repairing the state?s troubled website would be far more expensive in a year when the Democratic gov... [continue]

Rand Paul Condemns Cliven Bundy?s Remarks on Blacks
Senator Rand Paul joined a line of Republican and Democratic leaders in denouncing Cliven Bundy, the... [continue]

Op-Ed Contributor: End College Legacy Preferences
There is no moral or legal justification for favoring alumni children.[continue]

Debate That Divides: Cliven Bundy Accidentally Explained What?s Wrong With the Republican Party
A rancher in dispute with the government over grazing fees offers unexpected insight into the G.O.P.... [continue]

Demographic Shift: No, Obama Didn?t Win One-Third of White Voters in Deep South
A look at how we calculated President Obama?s support among white voters in the South, and a definit... [continue]

Business News
Trailing Canada, U.S. Starts a Push for Safer Oil Shipping
Canada has passed new rules for transporting oil by rail and the United States is expected to follow... [continue]

For E-Cigarettes, the Regulatory Battle Now Begins
Rules announced on Thursday would give the federal government authority over e-cigarettes, along wit... [continue]

Advertising: A Supplement Retailer Pumps Up Consumers
A new advertising campaign by GNC called ?Beat average? plays to the unwillingness of many people to... [continue]

DealBook: Zimmer Holdings to Buy Biomet for $13.35 Billion
The deal is just the latest in a spree of consolidations in the health care industry, driven in part... [continue]

Tech Giants Settle Antitrust Hiring Suit
Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe reached an agreement with plaintiffs over charges that the companies ... [continue]

Technology News
Warhol works found on Amiga disks
A dozen previously unknown works created by Andy Warhol have been recovered from 30-year-old Amiga d... [continue]

Amazon profits thin as expenses jump
Internet retailer Amazon reports a 32% jump in profit to $108m in the first quarter, but investors w... [continue]

Microsoft earnings beat estimates
Microsoft earnings decline to $5.66bn, but beat market estimates as new chief executive Satya Nadell... [continue]

France mulls GPS car-sharing app ban
The French government has moved to quell growing tensions between the taxi industry and private car-... [continue]

US to propose 'fast lane' net rules
New net neutrality rules will be published next month with some saying FCC will end principle of equ... [continue]

Sports News
A Fight to Keep College Athletes From the Pain of Injury Costs
A key front in the effort to reform the N.C.A.A. is medical coverage for college athletes, some of w... [continue]

Sports of The Times: A Face of a Brutal Sport Is Trying to Change Its Image
Jon Jones, the U.F.C. light heavyweight champion, wants the rapidly growing sport to be viewed as an... [continue]

N.C.A.A. Ensures Athletes Will Get All They Can Eat
Over-the-top food spreads have become another way for universities to compete in the ongoing college... [continue]

Countdown to 2014 World Cup in Brazil: Day 49
Brazil?s Ministry of Sport has launched a website that offers visitors a guide to the 12 host cities... [continue]

As if He Never Left, Phelps Is the Fastest Qualifier in His Return
In his first race since 2012, Michael Phelps posted the fastest time in the preliminary heats of the... [continue]

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